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Indulge Your Spirituality from Tibet Arts

"Mandala" is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle". The Mandala has spiritual and ritual significance for practicing Hindus and Buddhists, used as a meditation tool to experience a mystical sense of unity with the cosmos. They take the form of squares with four gates containing circles, each with a centre point. Each gate is in the shape of a "T". Both Buddhist and Hindu Mandalas are very ornate and beautiful; they can even be found in jewellery, particularly, Mandala earrings.

Tibet Arts supplies Tibetan gift items and traditional artefacts. They stock everything from meditation supplies, incense, clothing, crafts, and an amazing assortment of authentic gift items, everyone is sure to love. The Buddhist culture is one of nurturing and peaceful rituals.

You don't have to be a practicing Buddhist to appreciate the beauty of Tibetan artisan jewellery. Mandala earrings are a popular piece in the collection carried by Tibet Arts; the symbolic nature of the Mandala makes Mandala earrings the perfect adornment to be worn every day, regardless of spiritual affiliation. Their round, sterling silver design of the Mandala earrings is a perfect replica of a traditional Mandala, with intricate filigree work and genuine turquoise stones. Each pair of Mandala earrings is one of a kind, so the details will differ slightly on each pair. Mandala earrings are appropriate with any type of outfit, either casual or dressy, and are understated enough to wear in a corporate setting, as well as with traditional Tibetan dress.

Jewellery is a personal statement many women make, be it with expensive brand-name pieces, or unique, one-of-a-kind handmade items. They joy of owning a pair of Mandala earrings from Tibet Arts comes from knowing they are unique creations, and not trendy of-the-moment pieces that will look dated or out of style. Spirituality never goes out of fashion, and neither will Mandala earrings; they are a timeless form of self-expression that will garner compliments from admirers, and give the wearer a feeling of peace and tranquility, no matter where she is.

When you visit tibet arts, the Mandala earrings you see pictured are a representation of the Mandala earrings you will receive when you purchase a pair. Keep in mind that due to the unique characteristics of each pair of Mandala earrings, your pair will not necessarily look like the pair in the image on the site. Regardless, your Mandala earrings will become treasured items of jewellery that you will wear proudly for many years to come. Rest assured that the Mandala earrings you receive will be even more beautiful in person than any picture could illustrate. You will wear and enjoy your Mandala earrings for many years to come.

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