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Fall In Love With Tibetan Bracelets

In 1973, "tibetan bracelets" produced the first pair of waterproof boots, and the history of Timberland was so born. This complete waterproof function boots, for its original but still the classical design, acclaimed good reputation in a very short time. Especially it boldly use yellow as a new style, which attracted general consumers. Now it still does not change its original style. On one hand, it pursuits the human activities.

The headquarters of tibetan bracelets bases along the east coast of the New Hampshire, in the United States, where has the rich original nature. The sea, land, wind and green leaves, sometimes tender, sometimes harsh are for human. And the so changeable natural environment inspired Yellow Boots conception. In the rugged desert and moor, and it can comfort and safety work must rely on the strong completely waterproof shoes, because of this, tibetan bracelets create never compromise and can through the strict test the high-quality goods of shoes.

Tibetan Bracelets is not only to the mountains of delusions, the more toward the diversity in the work outdoor leisure style design, quality insisting on classic "handmade" spirit, from a the most primitive leather, forming, proofing, molds, all the old shoemaker are by hand of glimmer from. In addition, the function also according to different environment and regional and continuously developed into perfect Classic Handsewn shoes, the more that can show a Timberland absolute requirements for quality.

With a special laser cut lines to prevent slippery sole. Not only in production and selecting material, but also rigorous on every pair must come from the hand of the old maker. Every pair is sailing use carefully chosen and durable selected Tibetan Bracelets Sale, and retain the original durable leather characteristic, for special leather still keep contact with seawater.

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