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Handmade Tibetan Jewelry Turquoise Ghau Prayer Box Pendant

Handmade Tibetan Jewelry Turquoise Ghau Prayer Box Pendant

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Goods Brief:
Handmade Tibetan Jewelry Turquoise Ghau Prayer Box Pendant.
This gau box pendant was handmade in Tibet from sterling silver, and turquoise.
Gold Plated.
Size:39mm*34mm*11mm, weight: 30g.
One of the most stunning pieces of Tibetan jewelry is the famed Ghau pendant.
Also called a prayer box pendant, this jewellery piece often features rare and unusual gemstones and incredible carved silverworks. In Buddhism, the Ghau is actually a portable shrine that holds an image wrapped in silk that represents the owner's personal deity.
Some Ghaus have a small opening allow you to see the personality deity. People of other faiths use the Ghau as a prayer box.
Wearers write their prayer concerns on a slip of paper and place it in the box. Tibetan jewelry is among the most finely crafted in the world today.
Skilled artisans use the same techniques that have been used for generations to create the most gorgeous silverworks and gem cuts when producing Ghau pendants.
Asia is home to some of the worlds finest gemstones, so grand master artisans have a wide variety of stunning stones to work with.
Ghau pendants are often set with green turquoise, red coral, butterscotch yellow amber, carnelian and deep blue lapis lazuli.
Stunning emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, citrines and garnets are common as well.
Look for Ghau pendants featuring hand-carved Buddhas and other ornate designs. Ghau pendants often includes gemstone inlays.
Artisans often use shells, like stunning abalone or mother of pearl, as well as turquoise, lapis lazuli and coral in intricate inlay designs. Most Ghau pendants are usually created from sterling silver, but you'll find pieces in pure silver, bronze and gold.
Some pieces feature more than one type of metal. This Tibetan silver pendant was hand picked and inspected by our jewelry-collect team in Tibet.
100% quality and satisfaction!
Handmade Tibetan Jewelry Turquoise Ghau Prayer Box Pendant
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